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Study language courses in Singapore
P2 to P6 Chinese Tuition Course (Creative Composition)


Spring conducts Chinese creative composition courses for students from P2 to P6 level in government primary schools. The course will inspire creativity in expressing and writing in Chinese and is specially tailored to the needs of children who are studying Chinese at primary levels. It helps children to understand the basics such as forming proper sentences, handling picture composition and writing a good story ending. The course also aims to expose the children to topics relating to current affairs, and in this way train their thinking and analysis skills to aid in their writing.
In addition, this course will help many primary school pupils explore the different styles of composition writing and master essential writing techniques. Teachers will encourage open discussions, build up students’ confidence and provide them with a setting that will allow students to feel comfortable to share their ideas freely, a key factor in fostering creativity. Based on the MOE primary Chinese language syllabus and examination format, this course provides pupils with additional practice material and familiarizes them with the necessary examination techniques. It will cultivate the interest of writing in students and help them to lay a good foundation early.
Course Outline  
Proper Sentence Construction
Building up of sentences
Detailed planning and development process of a good story
Modification of paragraphs to make the story more vivid and interesting
Mastering picture composition
Exposure to different types of topics (animals, plants, family, friends etc)
Composition practices
Guidance on effective self-assessment and self-revision in writing
Course Materials  
Course Materials and Textbooks are compulsory and at a minimal fee. Material fees are subjected to change
depending on the level
Lesson Time  
Lesson schedule and detailed course contents can be specially designed to meet the differing needs of various
Our Teachers  
We have highly qualified teachers who are dedicated and responsible. Our teachers who are experienced in
their teaching subject are also very amicable and caring. The teachers are able to converse in both
English/Mandarin as well to facilitate explanation.
Sample of a lesson plan for one lesson  

10 minutes - Correction/Review of previous class assignments
- Spelling
60 minutes New topics covered
20 minutes In-class assignment
Total: 90 minutes  

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