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Study language courses in Singapore
Bahasa Indonesian



Bahasa Indonesian course is specially designed to cater to those who would like to take up Bahasa Indonesian and learn more about the communication medium of this country. It aims to introduce the students to the new language and eventually enable the students to be able to communicate fluently in the language. We employ progressive and learner-centered teaching methodologies to enhance learning and believe in encouraging students to be actively involved in various classroom activities that allow them to interact with fellow students and their teachers. Partner and group work are standard features of the language classes which are usually restricted in size to ensure maximum individual attention and interaction. This course ensures that the language proficiency is built up gradually through communication and the application of structures, vocabulary and strategies. With these, we want students to look forward to their next language class after every lesson and be able to move up the levels of proficiency.


Course outline

Use the language to learn and practice vocabulary during the course session

  • Self Introduction
  • Giving personal details,
  • Asking when and where an event will take place
  • Talking about your family, daily routine and hobbies
  • Asking for and giving directions or information in places such as: hotels, airport, town etc.
  • Introducing someone formally and informally, asking for and giving information on work, learning to fill in forms and making phone calls (e.g. those with clients)
  • Shopping
  • Basic grammar for sentence construction to carry out short conversation
  • Adjectives, including topics on nouns (gender and number) and descriptions
  • Definite and indefinite articles, Present, regular and irregular verbs

Lesson Time

10 lessons x 2 hours per lesson for 1 level (2.5 months)

Course Materials

Course Materials and Textbooks are compulsory and at a minimal fee. Material fees are subjected to change depending on the level.

Our Teachers

The courses are taught by qualified instructors with high levels of proficiency in the languages. Teachers are either native speakers who can speak English for easy communication and explanation or highly qualified and experienced locals.

Course Certification

Students can receive a certificate by SCI upon completion of the course. Whether or not to take an examination at the end of the course is optional.


Level 1 – No Requirements
Level 2 and above – Students will have to take a placement test to assess their language proficiency.

Sample of a lesson plan for one lesson

30 minutes Review of previous lesson
60 minutes New topics covered
30 minutes In-class assignment (hands-on activities)
Total: 120 minutes  

Foreign Languages offered

Afrikaans Arabic Bahasa
Belgian Bengali Burmese
Cambodian Danish Dutch French German Greek
Hebrew Hindi Icelandic Irish Italian Japanese
Korean Laotian Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese
Punjabi Russian Spanish Suomi Swedish Tamil
Thai Tagalog Turkish Vietnamese Welsh  

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