Diploma in Logistics and Operations Management (Mandarin)


This course aims to equip students with the skills to apply scientifically-based techniques to work-related problems, business forecasting, quantitative and heuristic problem-solving, logistics, quality management, and to develop decision support, scheduling and control systems. This course is ideal for students who wish to learn more about logistic and operation management.


Course outline

There are 6 modules. The modules are:

  1. DIBM 102 Business Statistics
  2. DIBM 103 International Economics
  3. DIBM 107 Principles of Management
  4. DILOM 101 Legal Issues in Transportation and Logistics
  5. DILOM 102 Purchasing and Procurement Management
  6. DILOM 103 Warehouse and Inventory Management


  1. DIBM 104 Organizational Behaviour & Culture



Applicants must be at least 16 years or above AND fulfil the following requirements

Academic level: C6 in any 5 ‘O’ level subjects or at least 10-year education or equivalent or pass the SCI placement test.

Language Proficiency: 9 years of studying in a Chinese school or C & above in O Level Chinese or equivalent or Pass in SCI language proficiency test.


Course Duration

Course will be completed in 7 months. There will be 6 hours of lesson time each week. Schedule of the classes will be planned to suit the course’s needs.


Course Certification

Upon completion of the 6 modules, those who fulfill the required attendance and pass all the assessments will be awarded a Diploma in Logistics and Operation Management by SCI.


A sample of programme outline

15 minutes Review of previous lesson and/or assignments
Module content
1 hour New lesson
15 minutes Break
1 hour New lesson
30 minutes In-class assignment
Total: 3 hours


For further information please click the link:

Diploma in Logistics and Operation Management