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LCCI Examination Registration

We would like to inform you that Pearson has announced that they will withdraw the LCCI Financial and Quantitative qualifications in 2023. The last assessment date will be in September 2023. 

Learners will then have 24 months from the final assessment date to claim their diploma (i.e., September 2025 if your last paper is in September 2023).

For those who wish to progress from LCCI Level 2, our center is now providing the ACCA Diploma in Business and Accounting to replace LCCI Level 3 as a better alternative. Please approach our course consultant for more information

LCCI 2023

Registration Procedure (~5 minutes)

  1. Prepare your identification card (NRIC/Passport/Work-pass) in JPG/PDF format.
  2. Payment must be made before the final submission of the application form. Screenshot proof of payment.
  3. Complete the application form via google form attached with your NRIC/Passport/WorkPass and payment proof
  4. Check your application status on student portal.

Examination Fee

Make payment

  1. Make payment in accordance to the exam you wish to register for.
  2. Indicate your FULL NAME as the payment reference number.
  3. Screenshot proof of payment and proceed to the Registration Steps.
SCI payment method

Refund Policy

No refund will be given for any reason including clashes of dates with local examination, personal and holiday arrangements.

Check your application status

1. Log in to our student portal after 1 to 3 working days.

Login method:
Username: NRIC/Passport/Fin no.
Password: NRIC/Passport/Fin no. 8888
Username: S1234567A
Password: S1234567A8888

2. You can find the receipt under my profile → payment Record.

If it is successful, you will be able to access your receipt in student portal within 3 working days after your payment has been verified.

If you are unable to access your receipt on student portal, kindly contact us at our email:

3. You will receive the examination entry slip via email one to two week before the examination date.

Release of Results

  • December 2022 series – 24 February 2023
  • April 2023 series – 11 July 2023
  • September 2023 series – 22 November 2023

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