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About Us

About SCI

Spring College International was established in 2001. It is registered with Singapore’s Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and awarded with 4-years Edutrust Certificate.

Here at SCI, we adopt an interactive, group-style teaching approach incorporated with multimedia teaching aids so as to capture student’s interest. SCI uses an advanced learning management system where students and parents can monitor their learning progress anytime, anywhere.

We believe in providing a holistic education and we organize extra curriculum activities such as environmental protection and care for the elderly events for our students annually. We are concerned about our students’ growth by instilling the right values to them. SCI have also set up a new media platform to strengthen communication between SCI alumni in hope of progressing to greater heights together.

We believed every single student to be special and have the potential to succeed, let him or her come to SCI and experience our caring learning environment.


Our Teaching Team

Ms. Josey

Ms. Josey here to give you for the insightful information on AEIS Examination preparation!

We hope that you have gained a better understanding of how our preparatory courses in Spring College International feels like.

Ms. Priscilla

Ms. Priscilla is our English Teacher in Spring College International and she makes essay-writing so interesting! It is so easy for our students to understand her with the explanation and she is always so expressive in class! Always going through step-by-step for every exercise she has given to the students.

Ms. Sugitha

Always not being able to answer comprehension questions? Ms. Sugitha has a way of cracking comprehensions with different methods! Through this lesson, have you managed to pick up the 3 skills of scoring full marks in comprehension!

Mr. Guna

Mr. Guna’s lessons are so enjoyable! Loving the illustration and the large variety of different examples to ensure our students understand. Slow and steady, it makes the lesson so easy to understand! Hopefully your child has been reading the sentences as well on the screen!

Ms. Qi Qi

Wow! Never knew that there are so many parts to consider when writing a good essay. Credits to Ms. Qi Qi for the clear steps to every component of the essay. 😆 This is just what our AEIS/S-AEIS students need for a 1st class essay!

Ms. Feng Min

What an interesting way to remember words! Surely our young students have learnt quite a few words about Family. For students taking the CEQ English Test, this will be some study tips for you too! 

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About SCI


Established in 2001, Spring College International (SCI) is a Private Educational Institution based in Singapore. 

Within the 20 years, we have grew tremendously and expanded from a small language tuition centre to one of the top private schools with two campuses, offering a wide array of more than 35 educational courses. 

With our abundant experience and professional expertise, we believe that every student have the potential to excel and grow into a leader of tomorrow, and it is our goal to help students achieve their dreams.

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