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SCI aims to provide innovative and creative learning which provide a fun-learning environment for international student to learn English. We offer a wide range of exciting activities to learn and prepare AEIS/CEQ test in fun!

AEIS Class Activities

Fun-learning environment for International Students to learn English!

Class activity: Christmas Song

Can you believe?

Some of them had started with us with totally no English background, and now they can sing and perform confidently in front of others! It might not be perfect, but we see their huge progress! Our students are from China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, India and etc. 

Despite they are from different background, they appreciate their school time here with friends. They speak the same language (English) and study hard for the same goal to enroll into government school.

Class activity: Easter Day

Post Easter Day Celebration led by the Upper Primary English Teacher, Ms Priscilla, our students held a fantastic performance to celebrate Easter Day. 

The students had a few weeks to prepare for this and they planned the design of their outfits, decorations and presentation materials. You could see the tremendous effort they put in as team. They were well dressed in fanciful suits and top hats of various colours. 

Students from Preparatory Course for AEIS P4/PS had their speech on the topic-Easter Day.They gave an insightful presentation of the significance of Easter Day complemented by the vivid drawings that they had drawn on their own Easter egg, chocolates and bunny bakes were offered nearing the end of the celebration. 

What a savoury way to end the day! 

Through this activity, the students take this opportunity to build their confidence in public speaking skills and learn new vocabulary words related to this festive. The students are looking forward to the next class activity. Learning in class can be fun too!

Visit Old Folks’ Home

Our students have definitely learn a lot from visiting the senior generation in old folks’ home today! The trip is to cultivate compassion and the heart to give back to the society. 🙌🏻 The singing and dancing are so cute and well-performed! Hope the aunties and uncles enjoyed it too!

AEIS English Public Class

We can always count of Ms. QiQi to make the class interesting and engaging for the students! Our students always have a chance to discuss topics with their peers in class and ask Ms. QiQi questions. Thank you Ms. QiQi for always going to the extra mile to ensure the students have a takeaway every lesson! ☺️

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About SCI


Established in 2001, Spring College International (SCI) is a Private Educational Institution based in Singapore. 

Within the 20 years, we have grew tremendously and expanded from a small language tuition centre to one of the top private schools with two campuses, offering a wide array of more than 35 educational courses. 

With our abundant experience and professional expertise, we believe that every student have the potential to excel and grow into a leader of tomorrow, and it is our goal to help students achieve their dreams.

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