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This course aims to equip students with the skills to apply scientifically-based techniques to work-related problems, business forecasting, quantitative and heuristic problem-solving, logistics, quality management, and to develop decision support, scheduling and control systems. This course is ideal for students who wish to learn more about logistics and operations management, and obtain a career in the industry. Graduates of the Diploma in Logistic and Operation Management course can also proceed to the Advanced Diploma in Logistic and Operations Management course.

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    Our Graduates

    Student Testimonials

    “I am very proud have this opportunity learn in Spring College International. Have nice Lecturer like Mr. Fong and Mr. Neo. They provided a lots of resources in my study!”
    “I would like to thank you the administration staff for taking care my learning in Spring College International. And also would appreciate all the learning I gain in this course. It mean to me plenty of knowledge and learning path in this short 1.5 year. I would also like to nominate my mentor, Dr Tham, in his kind and patience teaching.”
    “Appreciate Spring College International given a good experience and chance to learn more in logistics.”
    “This course helps me to understand more in export documents as well as managing of my people. I manage to applied those knowledge in my workplace. Thank you Mr. Joe for teaching us and sharing his related experience. Thank also to entire SCI family.”

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    Other Full-Time & Part-Time Diploma Courses:

    • Diploma / Advanced Diploma in International Business Management
    • Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Diploma / Advanced Diploma In Marketing
    • Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Professional Chinese Teaching

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