Join our Public Seminar on 16 May 2020, 9am-12noon !

In this seminar, we aim to equip students with practical and effective strategies to achieve higher score on O & A Level exam. Here’re some exciting topics you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • Tips and hints on how to write perfect answer on examination
  • Effective study skills and habits to achieve O & A level success
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions during the exam

Besides, we also invite our previous ‘O’ Level student to share his experience on how to prepare for ‘O’ Level exam and share the life of a polytechnic student.

O & A Level is an important milestone in your child’s academic life. We specialise in helping parents and students to achieve academic success. Feel free to come along with any questions you might have or for a general revision session.


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Speaker’s Profile

Mr. Lee graduated from Nanyang Technological University, has been admitted to Hwa Chong Junior College with his outstanding O Level results.

He is an education expert with 17 years of teaching experience in O/A Level. He is familiar with the examination syllabus and expert in guiding students and sharpening their analytical & evaluation skills in the exam. He had taught thousands of students over the years, and the majority of his student has significant improvement and score distinction in the exam.


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