A “Complete Ace Student” is a student who can answer all exam questions with ease and do not need too much homework to achieve great results.

4 steps to become a Complete Ace Student



Intelligence is the mental capacity to profoundly understand and answer questions through correct techniques or answering structure. Students who have competent intelligence learn fast and can easily deal with challenging questions even for the first time.


Concepts mastery:

To deeply understand the fundamentals of a subject and to be able to relate them to different problems.


Subject skills:

Different subjects have unique set of skills, such as math skills, science skills, and language skills that students need to master in order to perform well.


Exams preparations:

Students have good structured notes and have the chance to practice every questions type.

Whenever we see our child doing a lot of homework and we see them tired from attending school and tuition every day, we feel sad, too, because we know the stress level in this competitive environment is pushing them hard.

But despite these struggles, we have no choice but to continuously encourage them because we know they can perform better.

We hope our child can achieve good results with time to enjoy their childhood and master other skills.

How SCI tuition cultivates the complete ace students in your child

SCI tuition method is a teaching methodology that encourages students to become a complete ACE students rather than using routine practices of questions like most

Our students seek to improve their results by improving their ability to analysis the questions, linked the questions to the concept they have learnt and finally able to solve the questions through their intelligence.

In SCI tuition, we don’t just provide lectures but also inculcate each lessons with hands-on activities to tickle our students’ young minds in understand the conceptsconcepts.

Our students take their exams with confidence because they are well-prepared—thanks to our dedicated team that researches on the latest subject trends and organize notes for our students.

SCI method vs standardized teaching method

Students often memorize methods and answers and recall them during exams because they were always preparing for examinations by drilling with worksheets, test papers, and assignment books. This approach neglects the use of problem solving skills, analytical skills and creative thinking.

In Singapore’s PSLE, GCE ‘O’ level’s eximations, and higher education institutions, most of the questions require critical thinking. Not learning and students who relies on memorizing concepts and defination may struggle to answer heuristic questions

The moment I learned about the SCI Tuition Method while visiting one of the centers, I knew then that it is something revolutionary. I felt that my daughter needs to be enrolled here to become a complete ace student, too.

– Mdm Tan Lihaan


Most tuition centers frequently rely on, worksheet practices, and many homework to improve the student’s academic results.

SCI tuition method is a teaching methodology that encourages students to become a complete ACE students rather than using routine practices of questions.

one teacher is to 15 or more students

one teacher is to 7 students only to ensure that each student is catered for

• Unqualified teacher

• Qualified teachers with passion and empathy for students

• Lack of identifying effective education system

• Dedicated to producing a Complete Ace Student

• Relies on homework and worksheets from random sources such as assessment books and school exam papers

• A committed team analyses the current learning trends and organizes study materials for students

• Focuses on teaching rather than encourage learning

• Focuses on students’ mastery of skills and concepts

My daughter has been scoring C grades for her maths. Despite trying several branded tuition centres, my daughter’s grade hasn’t improved. She is capable of answering questions but seems to struggle with problems solving for unknown reasons.

I am really lucky to be introduced to SCI Tuition Method by my friend. The techniques used by SCI just work. My daughter’s maths improve at the end of the term and she is now the third highest in class. I can see the drastic improvements in the way she thinks and understands math concepts. She no longer asks us whenever she encounters problems and she tries to solve them by herself. — Mdm Lydia Wong

The SCI Tuition Method is the only tuition technique that enhances your child’s ability to become a “Complete Ace Student.”

Also, did you know that too much homework causes stress to children? According to a study conducted by Stanford Graduate School of Educated, when children are stressed, their brain secretes the stress hormone called cortisol which is responsible for cognitive delays and learning deficits.


Your child will not just acquire academic excellence but most importantly, you will see your child happy because he is benefiting well in the best education.

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