Dispute Resolution


SCI takes an open attitude towards feedback / complaints from the public, staff or student for continuous improvement. All feedback / complaints shall be sent in either hard copy (e.g. letter or fax) or soft copy (e.g. email). Feedback forms can also be obtained at the counter, and parents and students can send in any comments via the internal email system (LMS).



  1. Upon receiving the feedback / complaint, Administrative staff will look into the matter and report to Administrative Supervisor. All submissions will be included in SCI feedback/complaint forms.
  2. SCI will first conduct an investigation to ascertain if the complaint/feedback warrants a more thorough investigation.
  3. When it is a no merit case, the Administrative Supervisor will declare the case closed and inform the student of SCI’s conclusion.
  4. When the case merits action, a solution will be provided to the student within 7 working days.
  5. An in-depth investigation would first entail the reference to SCI’s ‘workflow’/operation manual to certify the steps that should be taken. The referencing to past cases of a similar nature would also ensure that the best steps to resolve the problem are adopted and implemented.
  6. When the solution is not accepted, the case will be brought to the Vice-Principal for an alternative resolution within 7 working days.
  7. When the new solution is not accepted either, the student has the option to report the case to CPE mediation scheme or bring it to Small Claims Tribunal.
  8. SCI will abide by the processes and actions of the CPE. SCI will cooperate by providing the information and assistance necessary for the conclusion of the case.