ACCA Singapore Exam – 2024 Updated Summary

So you’ve decided to pursue ACCA, but feeling unsure about where to start? No worries, this summary has got you covered, offering all the essential information and resources about ACCA Exam in Singapore to kickstart your journey confidently.

ACCA Exams

The ACCA exams are conducted using computer-based technology, commonly referred to as Computer-Based Exams (CBEs). Whether you opt for a remote exam or centre exam, the ACCA Exam ensures flexibility and accessibility.

Your method of booking your ACCA exam may vary based on your qualification level, determined by whether it’s an on-demand or session-based exam. Session-based exams are held four times a year. Click here for guidance on how to book your exam.

How many ACCA Exams are there?

In Singapore, there are a total of 14 exams for ACCA qualifications: 13 ACCA papers divided into three tiers (Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional) and an Ethics exam.