In Chinese Tuition Program, we aim to teach our students to use the Chinese language correctly and to express themselves with ease and great confidence. Not only can the students read and listen Chinese, but also they can even master speaking and writing it. Our focus is to teach every student to use the language freely, without fear or discomfort. By practicing the use of the language comfortably, the process of learning is much easier.

With only a maximum of seven (7) students per class, practicing the language is a factual possibility. A limited number of students assure the parents that their children are personally taken care of. Teachers provide one-on-one coaching to gauge the advancement of each student personally.

Though Chinese is quite hard to learn because of its complex characters, the program makes it easier with the practice of Chinese idioms. By using idioms, students will have the idea about the proper construction of Chinese words and phrases.

Cognitive method is also used by our teachers to explain the lessons. It is easier for students to remember and understand the language by analyzing the lessons behind the language.

Students will also encounter creative writing activities in this program. In these undertakings, they will be able to express their creativity in drafting unique compositions in Chinese.

1.Creative writing class

For children of different ages to set up targeted writing classes to help children easily solve the problem of writing difficult, “good words and different sentence of beginning and ending”, so that children fall in love with writing.

  1. Idiom fun class

Every idiom has its story, the children learn not only idioms, but also learn the traditional Chinese culture. “Idiom Solitaire, idiom Lianlian” in the amusement of learning in the pleasant atmosphere, let the children easily accumulate Chinese knowledge.

  1. Read interest classes

Book is the knowledge of the ocean, cultivate children to read the good habits, training children summed up the ability to understand, lay the foundation for reading comprehension, so that children in the future easy to deal with reading test.

  1. Knowledge enhancement classes

(P1-P6, Sec1-Sec4, O Level, A Level) for each of the knowledge-intensive classes, and if you think that the knowledge which you have learned in the classroom does not understand, and if you feel that you have to practice more in order to achieve better results, come and join us .

P1 Chinese Compostion Class
P2 Beginners Class
P3 Creative class
P5 Advanced Class
Sec1 Composition Techniques Class
Sec3 Composition Techniques Class&Advanced Class for O Level


P1-ALevel 知识强化班
P1-P2 Enrichment Class
P3-P4 Enrichment Class



Enrichment Class
Sec1 Enrichment Class
Sec3 Advanced Class
O Level Examination orientated
A Level

is our Idiom classes and reading interest classes —— we aim to inspire children to learn Chinese interest and lay the foundation from childhood.

Creative writing class —— we aim to cultivate the child’s language and writing habits, lay a good foundation, expand the child’s vocabulary, let the children easily write a good essay!

Knowledge-intensive classes ——all of us refer to the latest outline of the Ministry of Education, Our ultimate goal is to improve the children’s test scores , to help your children achieve excellent results.


Traditional Chinese Classroom SCI Chinese Classroom
Read the text, new words and do exercises Explain the system, consolidate knowledge, game links

1 teacher to 15 students


1 teacher to 5 students

worksheets and exam papers from random sources Follow the MOE outline focus, the system textbooks
The atomsphere in class is boring The  atmosphere in classroom is lively

Classroom environment

To provide a good and comfortable learning environment so that students will love to speak Chinese and learning process is no longer such boring, happy learning is our agreement between teachers and students.

In order to allow our teachers to take care of each student better, we guarantee that each class has only five students, so that teachers can pay more attention to the children every time progress.

Although Chinese is difficult to learn, but we will organize interesting idiom activities, creative writing activities. In these activities, the greatest degree of motivation to stimulate students, so that students can with their own unique thinking to complete the Chinese learning.

Communication after school

To communicate with parents responsibility, we will establish a good relationship with the parents, so that you can always pay attention to the children’s learning dynamics, your peace of mind is our greatest happiness; every time the teacher and the students progress Is the greatest affirmation to us.

School activities is the main way to enhance our children’s feelings, only in this way we can let our children fall in love with the Spring College International , fall in love with our class.

Our class

  1. Chinese class is no longer so boring, no longer a simple reading and dictation, we want you to participate in the classroom, reading game, idiom competition, monologue, let your child in a cheerful atmosphere, master learning Chinese skills.
  2. System teaching methods

Master the system of learning methods is the best way to improve student achievement, knowledge integration, learn by analogy, knowledge points continue to strengthen, in order to allow our students more confident to solve the problem.

3.Patience teacher

The accumulation of knowledge is by bit by bit, our teachers will be patient to explain every questions. our team always pay attention to the MOE exam outline, so that your children confidently take the exam.

  1. The center of the classroom

In our class, students are the center of our class, we will encourage students to express their opinions,the teacher will find the students’ problems, with individual education, so that students will get the greatest degree of progress.