National Day Celebration

Singapore’s 57th National Day falls on August 9 2022, and SCI celebrates the nation’s birthday on August 8, in advance.

Students and staff of SCI are dressed in red and white – the colours on the Singapore flag. The celebration kicks off with getting the participants to join in the GetActive! Workout 2022, dancing to the music featuring the NDP 2022 Theme Song – Stronger Together. 

Since there are many international students in our school who are not familiar with the history of Singapore, our teachers share the information through animation to help the students to better understand that. The teachers also share the Singaporean’s way to celebrate, and the recommended locations to catch the spectacular fireworks on the National Day.

Through this activity, our students have a deeper understanding of Singapore. 

On behalf of the staff and management of SCI, we hereby wish Singapore ‘A Happy 57th Birthday