Spring College International’s 20th Anniversary

15 November 2021, we welcomed Spring College International’s 20th Anniversary. Although face-to-face celebrations were restricted by the pandemic, we were still determined to celebrate this wonderful event together as a college – so we decided to connect virtually in the online world! Our staff and teachers, students, parents and partners were all invited to watch the live stream together. 

Performance videos that were pre-recorded by our talented teachers and students were played during the event live stream. The videos featured our students performing choir singing, poem recitation, playing musical instruments like the piano, guitar, clarinet and pipa. These performances showcased their incredible talents and it was undoubtedly an utmost joy to watch them. Although it was an online event, we were amazed by their performances nonetheless and the whole event was just filled with happiness and joyful laughter!

Other than performance videos, our Long-term Service Staff Awards were also given out during the event live stream. Our principal expressed his gratitude towards all employees, for their hard work and dedication. We hope that all members of the college will live by our Vision, Mission and Values, and continue to work hard and contribute to the further growth and development of the college. 

Finally, Spring College International would like to express our sincere appreciation to all teachers, students, staff, parents and partners for their trust and support. Let us all work together as a college community and strive for greater success!