Summary of second staff training

On September 22, 2023, our school held our second-semester faculty training, teacher semester review report, and training.

During the sharing of our teacher training, our school advocates for teachers to not only complete their teaching duties but also care for every student in their class, especially the younger students living with host families. The teachers should communicate more with students about their dietary and living conditions with their host families. If teachers were to identify any instances of physical or psychological abuse of the student, teachers should report them to the school immediately.

During the sharing of our staff training, our Principal, Mr. Alan Yang, reiterated our school’s vision, mission, and values, reminding all staff members to always keep our school’s VMV in mind while performing their duties.

At the same time, Alan emphasized that all staff members should pay attention to service and continuously improve their service skills. As a school, the primary focus should be on serving each and every student well; teachers are considered the school’s most important “asset”, and other departments should provide full support to the teaching team; the admissions team is the primary diver of revenue generation for the school, so other departments should also strongly support the admissions team. Only through mutual service, cooperation, and effective communication among departments can the school make significant progress!