Term review and staff training 2021

Spring College International (SCI) is very much emphasis on the growth of students and staff. Hence, there will be training for all staff and teacher term review sessions twice a year. This year, this event was held on 30 April for the first term.

For the teacher training session, we are pleased to have Ms. Josey Koh, a certified ACTA trainer to have a training session with our teachers. In the training, Ms. Josey has shared a lot of useful tips/tactics in teaching.

After the training, there is a teacher term review session. During this session, our Academic Manager, Ms. Michelle has shared the student satisfaction rate, exam passing rate, student feedback, etc with our teachers to make sure teachers are aware of this information and continually improve in these areas.

Lastly, there was a principal training for all the staff. During the training, our principal shared SCI’s vision, mission, and values. He also reminded all the staff of our Vision, Mission, and Value. Additionally, he also mentioned that staff should participate in more training, and teachers should utilize various types of academic resources in teaching to provide a better learning experience to our students.