Student Management

Course material
Before the course starts, the school will issue to students the course materials
Teachers will base on teaching needs to photocopy course materials to students.


Course timetable
After student registers, issue course timetable before class starts.


Attendance and class discipline
For student pass holders, SCI will inform ICA if:
I.The student has failed to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days or more without any valid reason; or
II.The students has not attended classes regularly i.e. where the percentage of attendance is 90% or lower in any month or the course without any valid reason;
Do take note that ICA may cancel the student visa, or reject the student pass renewal for the above cases.
For non-student pass holders, at least a 75% attendance is required for the student to be eligible for progression and graduation.
Students cannot be absent without reason, if sick or other unavoidable reason to be absent, must provide MC or parent/guardian signed letter to explain reason for absence the next day.
All students must be punctual for attending classes or dismissal, if the course timetable has any change, the school will issue letter and verbally inform the students.
There is fifteen minutes break for the full-time course in the morning and afternoon each.
Students arriving after 9.20am are considered late, and need to go to office to fill up reason for being late. For students who are late for three times or more, school will issue warning letter and notify the parents/guardians.
Students who leave before 16.00pm without any reason are viewed as playing truant, school will notify parents/guardians.
Students are to avoid doing unrelated private things during classes. They are not allowed to use any electronic products except electronic dictionary. If discovered, school will confiscate and notify parents/guardians to come personally to collect.
Drinks other than plain water are not allowed in the classroom. Food is not allowed. Talking loudly, unnecessary movement are not allowed. Throwing litter is not allowed. Vandalism on school walls and whiteboards are not allowed.
Those students who never finish class work will stay back after 4pm, school will notify parents/guardians the reason for staying back.


Truancy and warning
If student never come for class for 3 days or more without any reason, school will directly contact parents/guardians, if not contactable, school will directly notify ICA to cancel student pass.
If student never comes for classes for 7 days without approval, school will notify ICA, student pass will be cancelled.
If student keeps never come for classes frequently, and cannot change, school will notify ICA, student pass may be cancelled.
School will check students’ attendance rate every month, those below the school requirements, the school will issue warning letter.


Student pass
All international students need to enroll for full-time courses for 3 months and above in order to apply for student pass.
Student pass need to be approved by ICA.


Student pass renewal
Students need to inform office staff to renew student pass 2 weeks before student pass expiry date, and pay renewal fee of S$64.20 after GST

Need to return to home country if student pass expires and not renewed.