Student Management

Student pass
All international students need to enroll for full-time courses for 3 months and above in order to apply for student pass.
Student pass need to be approved by ICA.

Student pass renewal
Students need to inform office staff to renew student pass 2 weeks before student pass expiry date, and pay renewal fee of S$64.20 after GST

Need to return to home country if student pass expires and not renewed.

Student Disciplinary Policy 


Students are to abide by the School’s Classroom Rules and Regulations. Classroom Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  • Do not speak loudly or walk around in class. Maintain minimum noise level and keep the class in order.
  • No eating or drinking. Only water is allowed.
  • Do not litter. Keep the classroom clean and neat.
  • No vandalism of the school properties.
  • Students are not allowed to meddle with any electrical appliances (for eg. adjusting the temperature of air-conditioner and speed of fan etc).
  • There is no need for companion to the washroom. Please go alone and do not disturb other students.
  • Before leaving the classroom, bring along your valuables to prevent any loss. Waste should be thrown into the rubbish bins.
  • Arrange all tables and chairs back to the orderly arrangement before leaving the classroom.
  • Before leaving the classroom, students should clean the whiteboard, turn off all electrical appliances in the class and close the door.
  • Do not use handphones, computers, ipads and other electronic devices in the classrooms and only electronic dictionaries are allowed to be used.



  • Students are to adhere to the Singapore Law.
  • Acts of misconduct such as stealing, fighting, may lead to prosecutions by the police.
  • In such events, SCI may suspend the student to facilitate further investigations.
  • If the student is found guilty, he/she will be subjected to disciplinary actions.


  • Students are to be properly dressed for their lessons in school.
  • SCI reserves the right to bar students from entering if they are improperly dressed.
  • Ragged clothes, mini-skirts, revealing clothing and slippers are deemed as improper.


  • Leaving classroom / college grounds without permission
  • Continual absent from class without valid reasons
  • Continual late-coming without valid reasons
  • Bullying, including cyber bullying
  • Cheating in any form of assessments, including tests and examinations
  • Open defiance and rudeness
  • Improper attire and grooming
  • Violation of any other College’s Policies
  • Unlawful actions (according to Singapore Laws)

The school takes misconduct/malpractice extremely seriously and investigates all alleged cases of misconduct.  Any student suspected of misconduct will be dealt with accordingly. Should any student be expelled from the course, no refund on fees paid will be made.

Students may be suspended or expelled from SCI under the following circumstances:

  • Criminal Offences / Theft
  • Vandalism or Mishandling of Office Premises / Assets / Properties
  • Falsification of Information
  • Cheating
  • Students caught signing / marking attendance for friends
  • Working while on Student Pass
  • Attendance

Student Attendance Policy

a. The College requires all students to be regular and punctual for their lessons. The minimum attendance requirements and leave application policy guidelines are as follow.

  • International Students on Student Pass – minimum 90% per month
  • All Non-Student Pass holders – minimum 75% per month
  • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) will be notified by the College whenever an International Students on Student Pass has a monthly attendance of less than 90%.
  • Student Pass Holders who miss 7 consecutive days of class will be liable to have their student pass be cancelled with effect from the 8th day and the letter of cancellation will be sent to student’s place of residence in Singapore as registered with the College.
  • Any student leave should be supported by Medical Certificates or justifications that need to be approved by the College. These should be submitted via the Student Leave Application Form to the Administration Department.

b. Class attendance is to be taken once at the start of each class. Students that enter the class after 15 minutes but within 1 hour from the start of class will be considered late, while students that enter the class after 1 hour from the start of class will be marked as absent.

c. As part any students that do not meet the minimum attendance requirements in the Student Attendance Policy will be considered for

  • Student Counselling Sessions as part of early intervention measures
  • Disciplinary actions and the Student Disciplinary Policy would apply (for repeated offences)
  • As attendance is monitored and tracked by the College’s Attendance System, Warning Letters would be issued

Make-Up Classes

a). Students who fail to turn up for a class should be aware that make-up classes are not available.

b). If a class is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, SCI will make the necessary arrangements.