Vision, Mission, Values and Culture

Our Vision

To become an internationally distinguished education provider.

Our Mission

To provide high quality courses, teachers, service and learning environment.

Our Values & Culture

S -Specialist in education
P -Professional in providing first rate service and quality courses
R -Reliable in being truthful and maintains integrity when in dealings with students
I -Inspires creativity in achieving academic excellence
N -Noting of student’s progress in the course of study
G -Global education for all nationalities

Our core values “SPRING” reflect our commitment towards the satisfaction and well-being of every student. We ensure reliability in providing courses customized to the needs and in dealings with students. Assistance is always made available to our students should they require it. We also provide a conducive learning environment for our students.

*Values expression: Having honest and reliable school-building principles, SCI takes notes of the student’s progress and through professional levels of teaching and service to stimulate the student’s learning interest, aspire to make talents with global vision.

Creativity and achievement, Excellence, Grow together