Agent for Foreign Student Recruitment  

Singapore’s quality education and safe environment are key factors that attract overseas students and parents to make Singapore their first choice for overseas study.

We believe that this market trend will continue for a substantial period of time and this will promise a stable setting for students to concentrate on their studies. Due to such market demand, SCI sincerely invites companies and organizations or individuals from various countries to act as our agent, responsible for promoting Singapore’s learning opportunities and overseas recruitment.

Scope of Spring College International’s support

1.We will provide our agents with the materials and various forms required for the launch of the business.
2.We will be responsible for all matters pertaining to the student enrollment and student pass application in Singapore.
3.We will provide our agents with publicity materials.
4.We will subsidize our agents with up to a maximum of 50% of the advertising costs, provided at least 20 students recommended by our agents have registered with SCI .
5.We will provide our agents a free trip to Singapore for a period of 5 days, provided at least 20 students recommended by our agents have registered with SCI .
6.We will invite the agents of the respective regions to participate in the international overseas study exhibition held in the respective regions, free of charge.
7.We will send professionals to the agents in the various regions for inspection and provide assistance in the training of staff for the agents.
8.We will be responsible for the problems faced by the students pertaining to their arrival in Singapore:
·     Fetching of students from the airport
·     Accommodations
·     Familiarization of the Singapore environment
·     Opening of bank account
·     Application and Collection of student pass
·     Traffic guidelines to obey in Singapore and purchase of transportation cards
·     Money changer etc