Feedback and Complaints Policy

  1. The College’s Feedback Management System allows the receiving of feedback through multiple channels as part of its efforts to use feedback to drive improvements and organisational excellence.
  2. Feedback can be from both Formal and In-Formal Channels.
  3. Feedback can come from any stakeholders (i.e., Staff, Students, General Public) and can have the classification of different types of feedback which includes compliments, complaints or suggestions.
  4. The College will need to acknowledge and address all feedback that is given via formal channels.
  5. In encouraging more feedback to be given, feedback given via informal channels need not have formal acknowledgement and follow up. The College is encouraged to document them in the feedback management system.
  6. Any follow up actions (if required) taken would need to be acknowledged by the person giving the feedback.


  1. The College adopts an integrated approach, using both formal and informal channels to managing various feedbacks provided by any stakeholders (i.e., staff, students and general public). There are many platforms, channels and avenues whereby stakeholders can voice their issues and / or provide constructive feedback to the College.
  2. The official feedback channel would be via the Feedback Form and/or Email.
  3. Any stakeholder can fill up the form and submit it to the College via email or hardcopy.
  4. Internal Feedback from staff would be handled and recorded by the Corporate Services Department and external Feedback from public and / or students would be handled and recorded by the Administration Department / Academic Department.
  5. For any official feedback to be processed, the Feedback Form would need to be submitted. Any other feedback from other channels would be considered as informal feedback.
  6. Upon submission of the Feedback Form, respective Departments (i.e. Corporate Services Department for Internal Feedback and Administration Department / Academic Department for External Feedback) are to acknowledge the receipt with the person providing the Feedback within 3 working days.
  7. Administration / HR Executive will then review the feedback and discuss it with relevant parties (internally) on the feedback itself. A formal investigation will be carried out and when necessary.
  8. Relevant parties will then propose a solution and / or action to be carried out for the feedback received (if any) Administration / HR Executive will need to explain this to the person giving the feedback.
  9. If there are actions to be taken, it should be documented in the Feedback Form and actions taken would need to be acknowledged by the person giving the feedback.
  10. For official complaints (external) received, it would need to adhere to the Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure.
  11. All Feedback received would need to be recorded in the Feedback Log for consolidation, analysis and review purposes.