1. Feedback and Complaint Management System
1.1 The College adopts an integrated approach to manage various feedbacks and complaints provided by students and stakeholders. There are many platforms and avenues where students and stakeholders are able to provide feedback and complaints to the College. They are as such:

  • Feedback Form
  • College’s Email

2. Student Complaint Process
2.1 The College communicates the Dispute Resolution procedures to its students through the following channels:

  • The College’s Official Website
  • Student Handbook
  • Student Orientation Programme
  • Pre-course Counselling

2.2 Students who wish to provide any feedback and / or complaints to the College should adhere to the following procedure:

  • Students are to approach the Administration Executive to request for a Feedback Form
  • The Administration Executive is to acknowledge the feedback / complaint received. This should be done within 3 working days.
  • Administration Executive will review the feedback / complaint and discuss it with relevant parties on issue raised. A formal investigation will be carried out if necessary.
  • Relevant parties will then propose a solution for the issue raised and the Administration Executive will explain it clearly to the student.
  • The student should acknowledge the situation within 14 working days, whether he / she accepts or is satisfied with the proposed solution.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the proposed solution, he / she can escalate the matter up to the Executive Principal (for non-academic issues) or the Academic Supervisor (for academic issues). The respective person will investigate the case and take necessary actions to resolve it.
  • If the student is still not satisfied with the outcome / decision, he / she will be referred to the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) or Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) through the Committee for Private Education Student Services Centre.
  • The entire process should not take more than 21 working days.
    Note 1: As Feedback can be generic and / or positive, the College will have the discretion of the need to reply to students.
    Note 2: If the process takes more than 21 working days to resolve, students need to be informed of the reason as to why it is so and justification needs to be provided by the College. Justifications need to be recorded on the Feedback Form under the Remarks section.

3. College’s Email
3.1 For any external stakeholders that wish to provide any feedback and /or complaints to the College, they can do so via the College’s official email.
3.2 Any such e-mails received will be forwarded to the respective departments for their investigation and follow up actions.

4. Review of External Feedback and Complaints
4.1 The College aims to review all such feedbacks and complaint minimally once every 3 Years. A feedback and complaints analysis report will be prepared by the Administration Department and a copy of the Report will be forwarded to the Respective Department Supervisor. They are to review any feedbacks and complaints received in the respective areas and provide recommendations to management on how to improve the College’s Policies and Processes.
4.2 The Feedback and Complaints Analysis Report would need to include improvements made over the years (or period) in showing that how feedback is used to identify what drives positive experiences. This summary will be summarizing all actions collated and to show how the College uses improvements made in driving the positive experiences to enhance student satisfaction as a whole.