Student Support Services

Spring College International does not only take care of the students’ academic matters but also their overall well being and holistic development. It is also our responsibility to provide help to students with difficulties and needs.

Hence SCI puts in every effort to ensure that there are adequate Student Support Services to enrich our students’ learning experience.

Services Details Staff in charge
Student Welfare
  1. Airport pickup.
  2. Accommodation arrangements.
  3. Student orientation program
  4. Medical insurance coverage for hospitalization and related medical treatment for the entire course duration.
  5. Arrange medical check-up.
  6. Management of grievances.
  7. Apply/extend Social Visit Pass and Visa for parents
  8. Security Bond Banker’s Guarantee
  9. Assist in Student’s Pass application and collection
  1. Special help in the form of extra lesson time or counselling for students who face difficulties in class.
  2. Course materials.
  3. Transfer/Withdrawal of course.
  4. Issue Letter of Certification
  5. Issue Certificate of Completion
  1. Student Pass Application /Renewal.
  2. Replacement of Student’s Pass upon loss.
  3. FPS application.
  4. Application / extension of VISA for students and their parents/guardian.
  5. Registration of external examinations (AEIS, O Levels, etc.).
  6. Complaints/Dispute Resolution.
  7. Refund of course fees.
  8. Transfer/Withdrawal of course.
  9. Assist in fee payment procedure.
  1. Volunteer work at nursing home.
  2. Green Club.
  3. Study Group.
Counseling Services
  1. Pre-course counselling.
  2. Pastoral counselling.
  3. Career guidance.
  4. Advice on future education path.
Trained staff & agents
(for pre-course
Health and Safety
  1. Fire drill exercise.
  2. CCTV safety monitoring.
  3. Medical insurance claims.
  4. First aid.
  5. Emergency Help.