Graduates & Testimonial

“My daughter studied at Spring International from 1st week of January 2021 until the last week before her S-AEIS exam in February 2021. We are grateful that she was able to pass the exam. MOE has assigned her to be admitted at Unity Primary School. Thank you, Teacher Feng, for your patience in teaching Leila. Your guidance and feedback helped her a lot to improve in both Math and English subjects. Thank you to Erwin and the admin staffs for all your help and support as well.”
“Spring College International, Jurong East Campus helped us to prepared for my son's S-AEIS. He has successfully get the admission to Singapore government school. Thank you for their guidance and dedication especially to Ms. Michelle (English Teacher). I would also like to credit to Mr. Erwin, our course consultant for all the assistance. He is very professional and friendly to parents.”
“Teacher is nice and friendly. Course is interesting & meaningful.”
“This LCCI Level 2 Accounting course has been very useful for me. It helps me to diversify my skills to upgrade myself and gave me an in-depth knowledge of the accounting career.”
“While taking this course I was able to learn a lot about Chinese culture as well as Chinese Language. It has truly added a lot to my life.”
“I am glad to be a graduate of Spring College International. I really enjoyed my learning journey here as teacher were very helpful and supportive. I would like to recommend this school to all my Punjabi community.”
“This course helps me to understand more in export documents as well as managing of my people. I manage to applied those knowledge in my workplace. Thank you Mr. Joe for teaching us and sharing his related experience. Thank also to entire SCI family.”
“Appreciate Spring College International given a good experience and chance to learn more in logistics.”
“I would like to thank you the administration staff for taking care my learning in Spring College International. And also would appreciate all the learning I gain in this course. It mean to me plenty of knowledge and learning path in this short 1.5 year. I would also like to nominate my mentor, Dr Tham, in his kind and patience teaching.”
“I am very proud have this opportunity learn in Spring College International. Have nice Lecturer like Mr. Fong and Mr. Neo. They provided a lots of resources in my study!”
“First, I would like to thank Teacher Feng. Without her, my daughter Naviya won't be able to performed her AEIS well. Teacher Feng's devotional towards her teaching and her guidance makes my daughter always happy to come to school. Spring College International's staff is also very helpful. A big thanks to all of you.”
“I am Austin's dad. My son studied at Spring College International from end of August 2018 till April 2019. He sat S-AEIS in February 2019 and he had passed the test and get admission to Kranji Primary School soon. I am very thankful Teacher Feng who has best teaching skill. And also thank you to kind and helpful admin staff. Thank you all!”
“I am very happy to study at Spring College International. I gained a lot of knowledge at this school. Teacher Qiqi is a very good teacher. Thank you to Spring College International and Teacher Qiqi”
“Teacher Feng is the best teacher. She helps my daughter in AEIS, Suri a lot. I am thankful to her very much”
“This year September, I went for AEIS and I have passed the test. I am very thankful to my Teacher Rebecca, you made me success”
Student Zou
“I would like to say thank you teacher Cherry for her enthusiasm and commitment. We have been able to maintain a good communication during Yi Nuo’s study at Spring. Special thanks to Alison teacher who helps YiNuo to achieve a great improvement for her English. Thanks to other teachers.”
Student Mai
“My son, Mai Zi Xuan start to study abroad in Singapore in early 2016. to study in Singapore. Spring International College is our correct choice. We are so impressed that zi xuan successfully admitted to Singapore's secondary school after study the six months preparatory course at the Spring International College, Thanks for the principal and every teacher of Spring College.”
Student Brendan
“You are our best English teacher, you taught us a lot of knowledge, we love you and thank you very much. Before lesson my English is not good, can only give 3 to 6 correct spelling for the new vocabulary each time, but now I slowly became interested in English, and now I can give up to 20 correct spelling for the vocabulary. This is because of your teaching and I get rid of some bad habits, so I am very grateful to you.”
Student Gong
“I’m a new student and it’s also the first time for me to live in the city, Singapore. After getting along with you for 2 months, I become more outgoing and get more friends like Yuan and Dawei. I’m so glad to have your lesson too because this lesson is one of the best lesson I’ve ever had. The environment, the communication between teacher and students, all of the things happened in the classroom is so enjoyable and comfortable.”
Student Ivan
“My teacher is Sugitha. I feel happy in her class. She teaches me seriously. She gives lessons actively. She teaches me how to study well and gives me much studying skills. I study too much from her lessons.”
Student Vo
“Thank you teacher teach me English. I love you. Thank you teacher. Teacher I am Vo Ai Duy. I am eight years old. I will miss you in future.”
Student Lu
“Teacher Gina has lesson plan, let me have a clear study goal, reasonable amount of homework. If I have any question, she will give me detail explanation next day. We didn’t speak Chinese in English class and she encourage us to speak English.”
Student Liu
“Thank you teacher for caring and concern during the six months lessons , it makes me have a great improvement for my English, including oral. Thank you teacher!”
Student Masoud
Took One-to-One Mandarin Course and now able to communicate with the business partners and employees in fluent Chinese. As the CEO of my company, my business development was really hindered when I had plans to establish the business in China but could not speak Mandarin. With my irregular schedule, it was really difficult to find a Mandarin course which was flexible enough to cater to my timings. Thankfully, I found Spring’s One-to-One Mandarin Course. It is incredibly flexible, suiting to my schedule. The lesson could be specially designed to cater to my needs at work. The teacher was highly experienced and taught me patiently. I can now communicate fluently in Mandarin and this has boosted my business in China, all thanks to SCI!”
Took IELTS Preparatory Course, scored 6.2 marks and was accepted into Singapore Polytechnic easily. I have only come to Singapore to study for a mere 7 months. As the only son, I did not have any interest in studying and failed to go to university. My parents then decided to send me to SCI to learn English. I was immediately influenced by the keen learning attitude of the students in SCI. The teachers also inculcated moral values to us, making us feel the passion for learning. They also have great passion for teaching and their ultimate goal is to help each and every one of the students in their studies.”
Student Zhang
“Student Zhang, Haerbin, southern part of China, 19, took TOEFL Preparatory Course and scored 610 marks, now majoring in a Computer Engineering degree course in University of California. I cannot believe that a person like me, who cannot even ask for directions in simple English one year ago, has improved by such a tremendous amount. This is all due to the teachers’ guidance and the conducive learning environment.After trying it out, evidence shows that my decision was correct; SCI is indeed the best international language college .”
Mr Huang
Took Business English Course and is now able to communicate with senior management and business partners in fluent English, in a professional manner. As I was Chinese-educated, my English standard was never high. I could not speak with much confidence as I knew that my English pronunciation sounded funny. Due to the needs at work, my management encouraged me to take a Business English Course at SCI. Through the course, I learnt business correspondence, how to write business reports and memos, and accurate pronunciation. The interactive lessons also built my confidence in English speaking. Now, I can communicate well at work and am definitely performing better at work!”
Took General Mandarin Course and can now communicate fluently in Mandarin. I started a business in Singapore. However, I found it difficult to communicate with my Chinese customers. After having lessons in Spring, my business improved tremendously because I am now able to cater to a different crowd at work and the customers find me interesting to be able to speak mandarin so fluently. In fact, I find it enjoyable speaking mandarin too.”
Student Hong, Singapore, 17
Took English Comprehension & Writing Course for Sec3, English GCE ‘O’ Level Course for Sec 4, scored A2 in ‘O’ Level English Examination. I started having tuition class at Spring since I was 15 because I used to fail for every English exam paper. My hard work, coupled with the great effort of Spring’s dedicated teacher, paid off. Not only did I pass my English, but also scored better than expected. The learning environment is conducive and my patient teacher never gave up on me. Instead, much encouragement was shown which has proven to give good results. Many of my classmates at Spring have done considerably well too.”
Took Chinese Enrichment/Tuition Course for P4, 5, and PSLE course for P6, scored an ‘A*’ for PSLE Chinese Examination I used to score a “borderline pass” grade for Chinese since primary school . My mum signed me up with SCI when I was in Primary 4. With conscientious effort made to improve my Chinese proficiency, I followed the lesson thoroughly, completed all assignments and consulted the experienced teacher from Spring when I was in doubt. My effort paid off with the results I obtained during PSLE. My mum was so happy for me too. Thanks to Spring!”
Student Hu
Took English Language Graded Certification Course and was accepted into Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to pursue her Masters. After obtaining my Degree, I wanted to take my studies a step further and pursue my Masters Degree. Knowing of Singapore’s high educational standard, it was my dream to do my Masters in a Singapore university. However, I knew that with my English standard then, I could never enter a Singapore university. Thus, I decided to take up an English course at Spring Language, improve my English, before doing my Masters. I am so thankful to Spring for strengthening my English foundation and improving my English standard. It was because of them that I could enter NTU to do my Masters!”
“Took Preparatory Course for students admitting to Government and Private Universities (DCE ‘A’ Level Course) and was accepted into Singapore Management University (SMU). After graduating from my high school in China, my family encouraged me to further my studies in Singapore. Spring’s ‘A’ Level Course helped me to prepare adequately for the ‘A’ Level examination, allowing me to do well in my ‘A’ Levels and enter SMU. I’m glad I made the right decision.”
Took Preparatory Course for students admitting to Singapore Government Polytechnics (GCE ‘O’ Level Course) and was accepted into Temasek Polytechnic. After completing my 2nd year of high school in China, I came over to Singapore to take a GCE ‘O’ Level preparatory course in Spring. The teachers were extremely dedicated, always offering their help when I had questions. They were strict with the class, and made sure we did our work, which helped greatly for me. They were highly experienced, highlighting examination tips and main points to us. I managed to score 15 points in the ‘O’ Level examination and was enrolled into Temasek Polytechnic.”
Took Preparatory Course for students admitting to Government Secondary schools and was accepted into a good secondary school . Now speaking fluent English. All because of SCI, I was able to get into a good secondary school . 10 months ago, I was not successful in applying for a secondary school because my English was too poor. Luckily, someone introduced me to study at SCI. I learn English in the morning, Mathematics and Science in the afternoon. My English improved tremendously and other subjects become easier for me.”
Took Preparatory Course for students admitting to Government Primary schools and was accepted into a good primary school I came to Singapore only knowing my alphabets and a few words but now, I can learn in English and do Math. I like learning in Spring. I am really happy to be studying in my school now!”
Student Supiati
“Studied 'O' Level in Spring College Bishan seven months,now already attending Nanyang Polytechnic . Thanks especially to my teachers: Mr. Tony(English Teacher), Mr. Yeo(Mathematic Teacher), Mr. Lim(Combine Science Teacher), Mr.Long Teng(Combine Science Teacher), Mr. Koh Kok Siong(POA Teacher), Mr.Justin(Conversation Teacher), Ms. Mary(Conversation Teacher), Mr. Gee(Conversation Teacher), Madam Tay(Conversation Teacher), Ms. Kaur(English Teacher) and others who extremely helped me a lot in improving myself until I can reach this step. I am eager for you to acknowledge that I never regret becoming a part of Spring College International.”
Student Zhu
“Passed and admitted to Deyi Secondary School.I learnt a lot during my few months here at Spring College International and I am also happy to know teacher Puvana. She is a responsible teacher and I am very happy to attend her class. She treats her students like her friends and we do not have any barrier in our communication. When I heard that she stays back every night at the school to prepare for tomorrow's lesson, I am very touched. She is a good teacher and my best friend. I really thank her for her help to me during this period!”
Student Martin
“My experience in spring: I think it was a good time and very helpful to start improving my English. Jack is a excellent teacher, she and the spring give ths students very good material and try to help them to improve their English. Thanks for everything.”
“As I said personally to you, I´d like to thank for the marvellous period I spent there in your school. The family you provided me was superb, they were kind, attentious, friend. I was perfectly well treated there. I also loved the Chinese classes. As I told you, I recommended the travel agency to make contact with you.”
Student Zhao
“Letter of praise : Although my child only studied in Spring College International for short period, my child has had a great impression on SCI staff and teachers. They noted and encouraged my child’s improvement, especially in English composition. As the student’s parent, I can feel the improvement, and am grateful to SCI (Bishan office) staffs and Preparatory Course for Admission to Government school teachers.”
Student Zhang
“I am very honoured to notify you all that I have been accepted into Secondary 2 Express stream in government secondary school, after studying at Spring College International for 3 months.I cherish dearly the time spent at Spring College International. I want again to thank my teachers, Ms Puvana and MdmReena. Without your guidance, I will not be able to achieve today’s result. Thank you everyone!”
Student Xue
“Learning here is fun good and I must thank for Puvana teacher as she gave us a perfect class. All my family feel glad about my result. The tuition for AEIS is so useful that all three students who took it pass the examination.”
Student Liu
“I am the mother of the student Liu Qian Bi. Qian Bi studied at Spring College International from mid-July to October of this year and passed the AEIS exam to gain admission into government secondary school. During these 3 months at Spring, there was great improvement in QianBi’s English result and this was a result of the teacher’s diligence in teaching. Teacher Puvana was an excellent and extremely responsible teacher. She created a good learning environment to cause great improvement to the students’ studies. She also used her free time to give extra tuition to the students for free.”
Student Jiang
“I am very honoured to inform you that after studying for 4 months at Spring College International, I have been admitted by a government Primary school. I really cherish the time spent at Spring College, and I once again thank the teachers who guided me, teachers Lynne, Miao Wen, Huishan and Mr Zhao. Without your guidance to me, I will never be able to achieve today’s result. Thank you everyone!”
Student Bianca
“Being here in Singapore is fun But it is also challenging studying here in Spring is very teacher and my classmte really help during my school time here in Spring.Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to do my best in every single thing I do.”