1. Preparation of Admission Documents
Points 1.1 and 1.2 are applicable only for international students:
1.1 Upon acceptance of the enrolment offer by the student, the Administration Executive will apply for Student’s Pass via the ICA SOLAR + System.
1.2 The Administration Executive shall then inform students when the College has received the In-Principle Approval Letter (IPA) for the Student Pass, along with the following information: –

  • Course Start Date
  • Medical Checkup (if applicable)
  • ICA Formalities and collection of student pass (when ready)

Note: should the Student’s Pass application be rejected, an appeal would be submitted. If the appeal is not successful, the admission process shall be terminated.

1.3 Upon receipt of IPA (for international students) and acceptance of offer (for local students), the College will then explain the key sections of the standard student contract, and require the student to acknowledge as evidence on Form 12 – Advisory Note. Next, the College will proceed with the execution of the standard student contract. These documents should be filed in the Student P-File in accordance with the Student P-File Checklist.
1.4 For more details, please refer to Operation Manual: Procedures for Executing Student Contract. The completion of the student contract execution shall be recorded in the Student Selection and Admission Checklist.

2. Course Fee Collection and Fee Protection Scheme
2.1 After the student has signed the Standard Student Contract and Advisory Note, the College will proceed with course fee collection, in accordance with Operation Manual: Course Fee Collection.
2.2 Next, the Administration/ Marketing Executive will proceed with the necessary FPS procedures by adhering to the process stated in Operation Manual: Course Fee Collection.

3. Matriculation with External Academic Partners (if applicable)
3.1 Administration Executive is to submit matriculation information and documents to the partner.
3.2 A copy of the Student Card (if applicable) and Matriculation Documents are to be kept in the Student’s P-File.

4. Update of Student Register
4.1 The Administration Executive shall key in the relevant student information, based on the standard student contract, FPS, and application documents, in the Computer Information Management System. This is to ensure that the College has an accurate electronic record of all students.
4.2 After which, the Administration Supervisor would indicate completion of student register in the Student Selection and Admission Checklist.
4.3 The student register will show students:

  • Who are currently enrolled;
  • Who are on suspension;
  • Who are on deferment;
  • Who are expelled;
  • Who have terminated or withdrawn; and
  • Who have graduated.

5. Monitoring Process for Student Admission
5.1 Upon completion of the above steps, either another Administration Executive who did not perform the admission procedures for the particular student or the Administration Supervisor will verify that all steps have been properly adhered to.
5.2 This will be done through the items in the Student Selection and Admission Checklist. The Administration Supervisor shall note down the evidence of monitoring the execution of student admission by signing off on the Student Selection and Admission Checklist in the “Document Verified by” column.
5.3 Such a process ensures that there is proper monitoring on the staff carrying out the admission procedures.
5.4 Upon completion of the monitoring, the Administration Supervisor shall then file the Student Selection and Admission Checklist back in the relevant P-Files.

6. Student Orientation Programme
6.1 As part of the College’s admission process, all new students will be required to go through an Orientation Programme that includes briefing session(s) on the following (not limiting) information:

  • College’s history, include its Vision, Mission, Values & Culture
  • College’s location, including physical and academic facilities / resources available to students
  • Organization Chart (Indicating Management Team)
  • Introduction of Academic and Examination Board members
  • Fee Protection Scheme
  • Dispute resolution process
  • Appeal procedures for academic results
  • Suite of student support services
  • Relevant Singapore laws and regulations, including ICA regulations and attendance requirements
  • Attendance requirements and procedures for taking attendance
  • Leave application process
  • Course fees and duration
  • Course completion and award criteria
  • Post course guidance
  • Deferment / extension criteria and procedure
  • Other important details in Student Handbook

7. Review of Pre-course Counselling and Student Selection Process
7.1 The Designated Independent Internal Auditor will review the student admission and reporting process as part of his/her Internal Process Review, Audit, and Assessment of the College.