Transfer, Withdrawal and Deferment Policy

Course Transfer, Withdrawal and Deferment Policy

a. The maximum processing time from students request of any transfer, withdrawal and deferment to notifying students of the outcome in writing should not exceed 4 weeks.

b. The College will base the student requests on the following definitions: –

  • Course Transfer: Student changes the course or period of study (from full-time to part-time or vice versa) but remains as a student of the College
  • Course Withdrawal: Student discontinues all courses with the College
  • Deferment: Student delays or postpones the course (or modules)

c. Conditions for granting Course Transfer:

  • All outstanding fees must be settled prior to approval of request.
  • Student must fulfil the admission criteria of the new course and will be subjected to the College’s student selection and admission procedures.
  • ICA will be informed by the College through the cancellation of the student pass (for student pass holders) for students who have withdrew from the College.

d. Conditions for granting Course Deferment:

  • Deferment is subjected to the availability of courses and modules offered. The College reserves the right to offer similar courses and modules in replacement of discontinued courses or modules.
  • The maximum period of deferment that is allowed will be 12 months (i.e., Student will need to commence the Course within this maximum period). Requests for extension can be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students are to note that they will need to apply for a new student pass when re-joining the College.
  • Deferments are subjected to ICA’s approval of the new Student’s Pass. The College will inform ICA in the event of any Deferments and cancel the old Student’s Pass.

e. The Administration Executive is to ensure that they inform ICA of any changes to the status of all student pass holders. This would include the following policy guidelines: –

  • Course Transfer: ICA will be informed through the application of the new Student Pass.
  • Course Withdrawal and Deferment: ICA will be informed through the cancellation of the Student Pass.

f. A new student contract and / or a student contract addendum is to be signed when a course transfer or deferment has been approved by the College.

g. For any Course Transfers, Withdrawal or Deferment, the College would need to obtain the student’s parent / legal guardian’s written consent if they are under 18 years of age.