Policy Statements
1. The policy Deferment:

  • A student who requests for Deferment (i.e. delay or postpones the course) must either have their existing contract terminated or sign an addendum to reflect the changes.
  • All request must be made in writing. Verbal notice is not accepted.
  • For all terminated Student Contracts, a new student contract will be signed based on the procedures for executing student contracts. The Refund Policy shall apply unless as otherwise agreed between the College and the Student.
  • Any deferment would be addressed on a case by case basis and the College will have the final decision on whether the deferment is approved or rejected.
  • For students that are under 18 years of age, written consent from the parent / legal guardian must be obtained.
  • Submitting the request does NOT automatically result in an official deferment. Students must ensure that they receive a formal notice / confirmation form the Institute regarding the outcome of their request for deferment.

2. Conditions for Granting Deferment

  • The College will have final say in all deferment cases. This will be based on availability of the Schedules and Classes.

3. Student’s Pass Status
For Student’s Pass holder, Deferments are subjected to ICA’s approval of the new Student’s Pass.
The College will inform ICA in the event of any Deferments. Student’s Pass will be cancelled.

4. Timeframe for assessing and processing Deferment
The entire Deferment process, from point of application to the final outcome, should not be more than 4 weeks. If the final outcome is not in favor of the applicant, respective staffs are to handle each situation according to the College’s dispute resolution policy and procedure.