1. Student to Submit Course Deferment Form
1.1 Students requesting for a Course Deferment will need to fill up the Course Deferment Form with supporting documents and submit the Form to the Administration Executive.

2. Student Interview with Administration Executive
2.1 Administration Executive will arrange for an interview session who will discuss with the student the academic implications of deferment and to understand the reasons for deferment and if possible, find a solution to avoid deferment.
Note: Administration Executive to contact parents/guardians to verify that they give their consent for the request for deferment, if the student is below 18 years old.
2.2 Student is to sign off on the Course Deferment Form to acknowledge if they would like to retract or proceed with the course deferment.
Note: Students holding Student Passes must be informed that their deferment is subject to approval of their student pass from ICA.

3. Approval of Course Deferment by Academic Department
3.1 If student decides to defer from current course, the request would need to be approved by the Academic Supervisor.

4. Management Approval of Course Deferment
4.1 Upon approval from Academic Supervisor, Administration Executive is to seek approval from Executive Principal/ Principal.