1. Staff must not disclose the contents of their agreement with the College, any trade secrets or other information of a confidential nature relating to the College, their business and/or their clients or in respect of which the College owes an obligation of confidence to any third party during or after your employment except in the proper course of your employment or as required by law.
  2. Confidential information for the purposes of this policy includes, but is not limited to, trade secrets, business plans, strategies, course content (including assessment and results), financial information and any other information that will affect the College’s competitive position.
  3. Staff must not remove any documents, information in whatever form and media, tangible items which belong to the College or which contain any confidential information from the College’s premises at any time without proper advance authorization.
  4. Staff must, if requested by the College, delete all confidential information from any re-usable material and destroy all other documents and tangible items which contain or refer to any confidential information and which are in their possession or under their control.
  5. Staff have the obligation to maintain confidentiality and secrecy. All staff are briefed on the Confidentiality and Security Policy upon recruitment and are required to undertake to abide by the policy. This shall continue to apply even after their employment until such time that the information is no longer confidential or has been made public by the College.
  6. Staff are to note that all assessment papers, exams questions and results are considered confidential information of the College.
  7. The Confidentiality and Security Policy is printed on all relevant forms used by the College to collect personal data from Students / Staff or the word “Confidential” might be printed on it if there is a lack of space to put the clause.
  8. All physical records of Student and Staff personal information are considered restricted information, and are kept in locked cabinets.
  9. The College will use students’ particulars solely for the purpose of completing course administration.
  10. The College is committed to maintain the confidentiality of all Student and Staff personal information and undertakes not to divulge any Student and Staff personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the Student / Staff.
  11. Should the personal information of the Student and/or Staff be used for other purposes beyond the original intent of its data collection, the College must seek written permission before using the data unless required by government agencies.
  12. The College will make every effort to ensure that the confidentiality of the Student and Staff personal information is not compromised unless required to by order of court, laws, government authorities or during emergency whereby the safety and life of the Student or Staff may be endangered. This includes student assessment materials and results.
  13. Where electronic data is kept, confidential information are to be password coded and made available to respective personnel with appropriate access rights.
  14. Security of electronic data is ensured by allocating appropriate access rights to staff/ department. Security of hardcopy data (such as assessment papers and P-files) is ensured by keeping such documents under lock and key and control by HOD/ designate.