Micro Study Abroad Programme

Objective: To prepare students who planned to study oversea in future by providing them a special study experience and cultivate independence.

Target Market: For junior or high school student who would like to experience the overseas study life before study abroad.

Accommodation: Student Hostel

Duration: 2-4 weeks


What will student experiences in Micro Study Abroad Program?

1) Stay in student hostel, live and learn independently

2) Study local courses in Singapore, communicate in English language environment

3) Tour around alone in the weekend and visit to local school

4) Obtain Micro Study Abroad certificate that issued by the school end of the programme


What will student learn in this program?

1) Independent

Student will be more independent by living and studying alone in Singapore, it helps them to build the foundation for future

2) Internationalization

Study together and interact with foreign student, develop social skill and expand international network

3) Language Improvement

Student can speedy improve their English language by listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as they stay in a English environment

4) Change Mindset

Student will accept advanced education models from overseas, change traditional mindset, develop thinking and self-management skills and form unique insights.


Why choose Singapore?

– Singapore has the best educational facilities, resources and strength, and has a good English language environment. It is the good choice for micro study abroad program

– Singapore is a country where Eastern and Western cultures meet. Chinese students will have a certain sense of belonging

– Singapore is a safe country with low crime rate, garden city, beautiful environment, zero pollution

– Singapore’s public transportation system is developed and convenient.


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Micro Study Abroad Programme 1.1