Short-term Study Abroad Programme


This course aims to provide students a real experience in the study abroad for them to have a better understanding on their planned study abroad destination and well-prepared for the future study abroad.

Specialty of Short-term Study Abroad Programme:

1) For students to immerse in a suitable environment, and improve their English Proficiency
2) Improve students’ social skills by knowing friends from different country 3) Improve students’ self-management and independent

Lesson Time:

Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm

Course Duration:

4 weeks




Why Singapore:

  • Singapore is a country where east meets west. The mixture of these two cultures will allow students from all parts of the world to feel at home in the environment
  • Singapore is no doubt, considered to be one of the safest countries with high security and political stability
  • The public transport system is very well established, making it convenient for students to travel around if they would like to do so
  • There are many expatriates and foreign students residing in Singapore and thus, students will not feel out of place in the new environment


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