Educational Services

Since being founded in 2001, SCI always provides a professional, responsible attitude to serve customers from all over the world. SCI has a professional team,
which is experienced and can provide excellent customer service to gain students and parents’ trust.

SCI provides the following services:

  1. Admission to kindergarten
  2. Admission to Primary 1 government schools
  3. Application of Government Polytechnics
  4. Application of Government University Bachelor Degree
  5. Application of Government University Master Degree
  6. Application of Government University Doctor Degree
  7. Private Primary and Secondary Schools
  8. Private University
  9. Application for permit to accompany study while they study in Singapore
  10. Application for visiting pass for parents
  11. Finding of homestay and guardians for students
  12. Internship for Professional Chinese teaching university undergraduates
  13. Application of high school, Bachelor, Master and Doctor degree courses in countries other than Singapore