Our English tuition program is especially offered to teach the proper use of English language faster and more proficient. Students enrolled to this program become more articulate and confident in using the language. They are able to communicate in various ways, from speaking and writing to reading and listening.

The tuition program is designed to master the language quickly with full comprehension of the subject. Students will be taught to convey their thoughts creatively through the language. With helpful worksheets that make use of the Cognitive skills of the students, learning English is easy.

CCE Education only employs the best instructors to assure the quality education that would be passed on to the students. With passion for teaching the language, the teachers will bring interest to students for them to appreciate the advantage of mastering English language. These teachers will be the ones responsible in providing helpful tips on how to improve the English communication skill of each student.

With the aid of Cognitive Neuro Science method, understanding English will be easy.We make use of interesting reading materials to get the attention of students for better understanding of English. These materials will have learning activities in the end to evaluate their understanding. Sentence and word plays are also included in the activity to practice the students in honing the language.

Creative writing activities will also be given for students to show off their creativity by expressing themselves. They are encouraged to use their analytical skills to write their thoughts and ideas in perfect English.