“Let your dreams fly towards bright future”

“Let your dreams fly towards bright future”  ——Spring College International Bursary and Scholarship Public Charity Event Every student is filled with hope and dreams to pursue their journey of education and grow up. Spring College International is starting the bursary and scholarship public charity event to lend a helping hand to children from poor families to help them to complete their studies and achieve their dreams. The education of poor students is connected to the future and development of the whole society. Poor students’ successfully completing education is the hope for impoverished families to break free of their poverty. Spring College International opens the ideal door to fulfil the education dreams of the poor students and possesses great care and concern for these poor students. The hope to change the future of each student is by education but for poor families, the course fee is a great burden and hence being poor becomes a stumbling block to their dreams. Spring College International aims to give help to impoverished students with passion and focus on the healthy development of youths to let them feel a sense of warmth and support, and use love to give them a blue sky and help them to create a better tomorrow. So for this year, our school has awarded scholarships to two outstanding international students for A level preparatory course and hope they can obtain excellent results to gain admission into top universities in the world to achieve their own dreams and worth. Spring College International’s bursary and scholarship public charity event not only solves the problem of the poor students, but also help them to build healthy mental state and inspire their passion for learning. By this event, we hope each student can fight for their ideals persistently to achieve their own life goals. Even if they are in negative environment, they should have great hopes for themselves and use their heartfelt gratefulness to transform into diligence and big motivation and work hard to study and learn, and continue to improve themselves, and keep advancing in their education journey. Spring College International hopes that through this kind of bursary and scholarship public charity event, we can expand the concern for students and spread the love and care, and help more students study successfully and achieve their dreams to step into the future!   image1 image4