AEIS | Is Singapore Accepting Foreign Students?

Is Singapore Accepting Foreign Students?


Things I Got To Know Only After Interning

It has been around a month of working in Spring College International (SCI), and life has never been more comfortable than blogging and drinking my first cup of ice coffee from Huggs Collective with the rain tapping gently against the window — not like I can hear it though. As usual, I’m already blasting DPR LIVE’s songs on repeat.

Still touching up a little on the other campaigns that I’m handling at the moment, my mind wanders to the amount of testimonials I’ve been going through and I’m still so amazed by how impressive the results are for across the different examinations are. I wish I am smart and motivated like that too! However, I’m well aware of how much effort and time is placed to achieve such results for the students.

Amazing. (n.d.). [Image]. Lego Movie.
Amazing. (n.d.). [Image]. Lego Movie.

As someone who enrolled into a local school from the start, I never had an opportunity to understand how private schools worked. Internship in SCI definitely opened up another world for me! Seeing that there is flexibility in the classes and how the teachers cater to each student according to their strengths and weaknesses wows me. Since there are lesser students, it means more attention for each student. With rapport built between the students and the teacher, students are more open to ask the teacher questions.

Why Do People Still Take It?

Great Help

Reading through testimonials and watching interview videos, one thing I’ve noticed throughout was that they praised that the SCI staff were really kind and helpful, and that they do not have to worry much about admin matters, allowing them to focus on solely studies.

The Thing About SCI is…

There are students from all walks of life. Like literally. We have students from China, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, so on and so forth. This brings diversity into the classroom which helps them learn about one another without having to travel to the place to learn its culture and practices. Being in a racially harmonious country, I am not surprised by this observation — in fact, I am happy to see that SCI brings a comfortable and open environment for the students to do so.

Perks, Perks, And More Perks!

Advantage. (n.d.). [Image]. GIPHY.
Advantage. (n.d.). [Image]. GIPHY.

Most international students choose to take a preparatory course for AEIS to increase their chances of passing the examination. With little information about the AEIS examination online, students may struggle to familiarise themselves with the format and syllabus used in the examinations. Moreover, most students are not having the same education system from their home country, which calls for tutoring — so they are able to get used to the syllabus here.

Furthermore, it can be rather confusing to sign up for the AEIS exams, with many complicated documents. It is definitely recommended to liaise with a school so they can better advise you on the procedures. In most cases, it is incredibly helpful!

There are a lot of techniques and tips to better tackle the exam questions besides just practicing and understanding it. With highly-experienced teachers, it would definitely be a valuable journey that is worth your time as it will increase the success rate of passing the AEIS examinations.


Here’s how easy it is to sign up for a preparatory course:

  1. Search for a school of choice
  2. Click on the preferred AEIS course
  3. Hand in necessary information needed required by the school
  4. Get ready to start on your preparation journey!

Still unsure? You might want to talk to us instead.

Why Not Private Schools?

Before joining SCI, I also never understood why international students wanted to enroll into local schools. Since private schools are somewhat similar to tuition, where they have a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, hence more specialised attention to a student. They also have a wider variety of co-curriculum activities available to choose from, developing more skills and grow their passion.

However now, I understand the importance of enrolling into a government school. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Cheaper school fees Private school fees range up to $50,000 per year while local schools are around $20,000 only.
  • Robust Curriculum Private schools’ curriculum varies according to the type of course one takes, while local schools have a standardised curriculum across. This definitely helps with setting the bar for all. However, students in local schools continue to have an option to go for what they like during Secondary 3, where they get to choose their choice of subject combination most suited for them.
  • Qualified NIE-trained Teachers NIE, which stands for National Institute of Education, have a programme to train and prepare one for one to be a teacher. It develops the knowledge and skills to effectively help with the challenges one may face in a school setting. Most teachers in private schools are not NIE-qualified, where it is necessary to be qualified by NIE to teach in a government school.
  • Extensive Database of Resources The materials in local schools are based on what will be tested in national exams, where they have a strong foundation and students won’t stray away from the syllabus.

Sit Tight And Prepare To Fight

What is left to do is to prepare yourselves fully for the real deal. While it is important to be self-dependent and self-disciplined, don’t ever forget that there are help available. Always be open to trying different study methods to see which one suits you best.

All the best, young warriors!

Author: Tan Jia Xuan


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