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Should I Take Part-TIme Diploma?


There are a lot of voices revolving around Part-Time Diploma, as in comparison to Full-Time Diplomas and more. What if you just don’t have enough time but you’re all about learn, learn and learn — Part-Time Diploma isn’t any lesser than Full-Time Diploma.


Here’s some myths about Part-Time Diploma:

1. You Are Not Able To Make Friends

I’m not sure how this myth comes about, but it’s definitely by someone who’s taken the Part-Time Diploma. It is a Part-Time Diploma, but it doesn’t mean that you would be seeing stranger faces every class. More likely than not you will actually have the same class for most modules considering that Part-Time Diploma classes are considerably smaller than usual classes. Even better yet, there are student-initiated group chats for students to bond and get to know each other better!

2. Part-Time Diploma Is Filled With Old People

No. Just.. no. There are many reasons why each student is taking up a Part-Time Diploma, and while the age group of the class is indeed generally higher than the ones in a Full-Time Diploma, it doesn’t mean all of the students are in their 40s. You will be surprised how many students there are who are still in their early 20s! Furthermore, what’s wrong with having older classmates? It is great to be able to converse and interact with people from all walks of life — learn and understand their experiences.

3. You Are Learning Less Than A Full-Time Diploma

That is absolutely untrue! In fact, Part-Time Diplomas have fuller content in every lesson as compared to a Full-Time Diploma class. It is more fast-paced and lesser room to breathe. If anything, Part-Time Diplomas allow you to ask more questions and more time to revise, practice, revise and practice. Not that you’re learning less if you take a Full-Time Diploma instead! As compared to Part-Time Diploma, the knowledge you take in will be the same — just more paced out.

4. Part-Time Diploma Takes A Longer Time To Finish Than Full-Time Diploma

Read Point 3 again. Part-Time Diploma usually take the same amount of time to finish and graduate as Full-Time Diploma takers. Sometimes, it even takes a shorter amount of time to finish than Full-Time Diploma takers!

5. Part-Time Diploma Is A “Second Choice”

Prefer to be on the field early to gain experience but still want to improve ourselves, or continue to have a curious mind? That’s one of the most common reasons why people take up a Part-Time Diploma! Many other Part-Time Diploma takers may also not have enough time to commit yet they want to continue learning! The misconception about how students who are not able to take a Full-Time Diploma, take a Part-Time Diploma is a myth!

All In All

Not to worry about all the things you may hear from the internet, because Part-Time Diploma is equally as fun, enriching and knowledgeable (even more so if you count in the takeaways from speaking with people from all walks of life!)


Fear of missing on the school life, fun and experience? That’s all also available as a Part-Time student! What’s most important is to pick a path that suits you without having to compromise all other commitments that matter!

Author: Tan Jia Xuan


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