In Spring College International , we understand that math is a challenging subject for most students. Numbers alone can be intimidating; how much more if combined with textual concepts such as problem-solving and quadratic formula.

Through our teaching strategies of discover, explore, and conceptualization, we are giving our students the opportunity to develop a holistic analytical mathematical understanding.

SCI tuition method strives to bring out the Complete Ace Students in your child.

Intelligence: (15% of curriculum time)

Students who rely on memory and not able to manipulate methods and formulas struggle when math questions are presented creatively and require thinking analysis.

Hence, apart from providing worksheets and explaining the answers, our tuition program will organised questions according to different cognitive thinking skills, allowing students to understand and apply the thinking skills during examinations.


Exams Preparations:(45% of curriculum time)

CCE comprise of a dedicated research team that analyzes current math curriculum and examination trends. This trend and questionnaire analysis helps to create our powerful examination notes that is concise but complete yet easy to understand by our students. The team will prepare practice questions base on the analysis that will also ensure that our students are able to practice on all questions type in an effective way to ACE examinations with ease!

Math Skills(10% of curriculum time)

There are students who are mathematically gifted while many others have been practicing a longtime but still unable to gain sufficient math skills.

We help our students improve on their math skills through persistent practice and hands-on activities so that in the end of every session, they learn the relationship between numbers and formulas, can manipulate different questions and solutions, and are able to apply the correct method in every equation. Not knowing to many educators, students having good mathematical skills accelerate learning and enable them to master maths problems in less time.


Concepts(30% of curriculum time)

Students learn mathematical equations but most of them do not really understand the concepts and theories behind each equation. This lack of understanding hinders students from gaining the math skills they need to think of the appropriate solutions to creative math questions.

Through our proactive hands-on math activities, our students learn to visualize and explore math concepts in every angle, apply math theories when answering heuristic questions, and enjoy learning more.

SCI method helped me identify what kinds of questions to expect and how to
strategize answering the math problems. I used to be not confident in answering math questions but all that changed when I started practicing through this new method. I am enjoying math now than before.


• Concepts are usually based on previous syllabus and books

• A special team reviews the trends on math curriculum and design worksheets based on those

• Practice worksheets are multiple choice types of exam

• Students are encouraged to think analytically and logically to identify the problem, come up with a solution and answer correct

• Math concepts are taught in a boring manner eg. Textbooks, whiteboard

• Fun adaptive math activities are done to stimulate their learning capacity

• Classes are composed of a large group of students, making it difficult for them to focus

• Each class has a maximum of 7 students to give them proper concentration

Learning geometry was so difficult for me that I had to skip classes sometimes and I flunked on 3 short quizzes already. My father convinced me to enroll in CCE
program which was introduced by his colleague and I am very glad that I did
because I got better results during the final exams.  I think the best secrets of SCI are its enthusiastic tutors and its teaching techniques.

Spring College International method is every parent and every child’s strategic answer to solve mathematics learning difficulties.  Our teams of dedicated researchers and enthusiastic teachers work toward a distinct goal—that is to help children become a Complete Ace Students. Our teaching strategies will assist our students to develop computational and problem-solving excellence while having fun learning so that they can acquire higher grade with minimal efforts.


Course Name Duration Course Fee Material Fee Total w/ GST One-time App Fee w/ GST
P1 1.5 hr $120 $5 $133.75 $32.1
P3 $130 $144.45
P5 2 hrs

(1.5 hr for chinese)
$150 $165.85
S1 $170 $187.25
S3 $180 $197.95


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