The science questions that are appearing in exams are no longer straight forward. They are application questions, answers that required students to think out of the box, questions that require students understand and apply concepts, and new type of questions are appearing yearly that students can’t practice with.

Many students might be able to do well in their earlier childhood years, may start to struggle when more thinking questions appear and they are not trained to think.

We know that to ensure a student can perform well in Science exams, they need to develop adequate thinking skills to understand the questions and apply the answers in the right way. Understand the concepts deep so that they can understand the exams questioning in different scenario the questions appear in. Has the necessary scientific skills to structure his answers appropriately. Well-prepared for exams to answer any forms of questions.


SCI tuition method strives to bring out the Complete Ace Students in your child.

Intelligence: (15% of curriculum time)

The frontal lobe of the brain that is associated with important cognitive thinking skills like association, reasoning, will develop during childhood right up to teenage years.

SCI tuition method  research team would analysis the different questions of each concepts and organised them according to the cognitive thinking skills needed to answer these questions. Students have the opportunity to practice on these cognitive thinking skills during questions and hands-on experimental sessions that will help them utilized these newly learnt thinking skills during exams

Exam preparations (40% of curriculum time)

SCI method has a team of academic team that analyzes the latest trends from school exams papers. We organize all the questions type and students practiced and they are ready for any types of questions: during exams. And our collaboration exam notes created in an effectively style with students are ready for exams.

SCI method also look into every angle to ensure that students are well-covered with enrichment courses like “secrets of answering open-ended questions “and how to answer experimental type questions to ensure that students can answer all questions type.

We understand that the core aim is to do well in exams. With our tutorial program taught in an efficient manner, students are able to achieve top results in shorter time. And we look into all aspects so that students can perform better.

Science skills (5% of curriculum time)

Many students can memorize concepts and theory, yet unable to answer their
questions in the appropriate way nor have a scientific understanding of the subject.

SCI method incorporate the development of scientific skills in our curriculum. Throughout our hands-on experiment sessions, students are given the opportunity to explore and discover concepts on their own, and through our carefully crafted questions and the way we create our environment to make students think.

Students gain reasoning, experimental, scientific, and several other key skill that will allow the students to understand concepts from a scientist point of view and answer the structure questions examiners are expecting.

I used to fail in chemistry but ever since joining SCI, my grades improved a lot from failed to A1 for my “O” level exams. I am really thankful to CCE for the techniques and methods that help sharpen my thinking abilities! — Clarice Lee




Concepts: (40% of curriculum time)

Different students have different grasps of understanding of concepts. Without the good grasps of understanding students have to rely on lots of practices and memorizing various answers and identify the patter during exams.

Students with good grasps of the concepts will understand the questions and derive a suitable answer based on their understanding of the concepts. They would require lesser practice on questions. Such good grasps of concepts is required to obtain higher qualifications where route memorization is not enough.


Lacks concrete method, usually provides worksheets and explaining of answers only. Expects students to memorize.

Aims to make your child a complete ace student

Focus on memory and neglects other areas of brain. May struggle at higher level where memory is insufficient.

Improvement of more brain areas. This will be crucial to obtain higher qualification.

Teachers teach and explain the answers but due to the large class size, not able to ensure if every student understood properly.

Small class size to ensure all students gain the skills and understand concepts. Enables teachers to know students well and motivates.

Focus on providing solution

Provides solutions to every area a student needs to score well for exams such as teaching students on answering techniques and intelligence.

Required lots of practices

Few homework required and produce great results

Highlight afew student's results

All students are able to improve in their grades

Spring College International method is every parent and every child’s strategic answer to solve mathematics learning difficulties.  Our teams of dedicated researchers and enthusiastic teachers work toward a distinct goal—that is to help children become a Complete Ace Students. Our teaching strategies will assist our students to develop computational and
problem-solving excellence while having fun learning so that they can acquire higher grade with minimal efforts.



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