Sports Competition for Secondary Students

Sports is an important event in school education as it builds students’ social, physical, and mental skills. Hence, our secondary students had organized a sports competition under the teacher’s suggestion.

The entire sports competition was well planned by our secondary students, including games planning, venue booking, route checking, lunch arrangement, etc. 

The sports competition was held on 25th October 2019 as scheduled, and it consisted of 2 games. The morning session was badminton competition; every student had fully committed and put great effort into the game. Our principal also visited the sports event and presented awards to the winning team.

The afternoon session was the football friendly match. The students had a football match with local students in Singapore on the football field. Although the weather was hot, all students still put in all effort in the game.

Through this event, students had gained valuable experience and improved their leadership & organizational skills. In addition, students have a better understanding of the importance of self-discipline by organizing this event, and these abilities and cognitions are a great help to their future development.