1. Student to Fill Up Refund Request Form
1.1 In the event of any refunds that is to be made, students are to fill up the Refund Request Form and hand it to the Administration Executive for further processing.
1.2 Any supporting documentations that are required to process the refund request must also be submitted along with the Refund Request Form. This includes the Course Withdrawal or Course Transfer Request Forms.
1.3 Reasons for Refund must also be clearly documented in the Refund Request Form.

2. Administration Executive To Meet Up With Student
2.1 Upon receipt of any Refund Request Form (including supporting documents if any), Administration Executive is to meet up with the student and acknowledge the receipt of the refund request by signing on the form. This is to be done within 2 working days upon

3. Establishing of Refund Category and Amount
3.1 Administration Executive is to refer to the Standard Student Contract details to establish if a refund is to be made to the students.
3.2 Administration Executive will work out a Refund Amount (if any) based on the Refund Policy as stated in the Standard Student Contract. This amount will be indicated on the Refund Request Form.
3.3 Computation of such an amount will also be explained to Students and stated in the Refund Request Form.
3.4 All refund amounts will strictly adhere to the Refund Policy as stated under the Standard Student Contract.

4. Management Approval of Refund Amount
4.1 Upon establishing of Refund Amount, Administration Executive is to seek the approval of Executive Principal/Principal as part of Management Approval before the Refund Amount can be disbursed.
4.2 Such Management Approval should be documented in the Refund Request Form.

5. Disbursement of Refund Amount
5.1 Upon Management Approval of Refund Amount, Administration Executive is to pass the Refund Request Form to Finance Department for final processing.
5.2 After tabulating the refund amount, Finance Executive will disburse the refund amount to Administration Executive.
5.3 Administration Executive is to contact student to collect the Refund Amount.

6. Student Acknowledgement of Refund Amount
6.1 Student is to acknowledge receipt of Refund Amount in the Refund Request Form.