The NEWater Study Tour

For Singapore, water has always been an existential problem. Malaysia supplies 50% of Singapore’s water demand.  In order to overcome this issue, the Singapore government has led researchers to develop water recycling technologies vigorously. The NEWater plant is a “model” water plant using reverse osmosis technology, and it is to convert the conventionally treated urban sewage into pure “new water” after deep treatment.

Spring College International had organized students to visit the NEWater Plant to study the production of new water on 7th & 8th March. The objective of this tour is to let students have a better understanding of the preciousness of water resources, and the purification process of new water.

Through the staff explanation, video watching, participating in interactive multimedia games and handmade the water filter model, our students are now clearly understood the production process. Meanwhile, students were also educated to cherish and protect the water, recognizing the importance of science and technology, and strengthening the belief in learning.