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How to prepare my child for AEIS?

English is a challenge for many international students. Students can prepare for the AEIS test themselves with our AEIS tuition.

To help students seeking admission into mainstream Singapore schools, we provide quality coaching for students to ace their AEIS examination. It is also essential that students assimilate themselves into an English-speaking environment.

In SCI, while we place strong emphasis on education, we also integrate social well-being with games and regular activities to help students take the stress out of their studies and hone other aspects of their learning. This includes developing a positive attitude and good character.

Listen to AEIS Successful Candidates

Our successful candidates wish to share their tips and their journey to pass the AEIS/ SAEIS exams.
Wishing all AEIS candidates will pass the exam and enroll into the government school in Singapore!

Janelle (8 y/o), from Malaysia

With us today is Janelle, who’s successfully entered a government school through the AEIS examination on her first try! 

It might seem that Malaysians do have a fundamental in English and it would be rather easy for them to enter a government school in Singapore. However, that is often not the case! 

Even though Janelle may be from Malaysia, she has only received one year of education there and may not have a strong foundation in English at her young age. These fundamentals may not be enough to prepare her for the AEIS examination. It is a must for all primary students to learn English step-by-step — from words to sentence structures, from reading to understanding. 

Ms. Feng, our English teacher teaches Janelle and the class various techniques tackle the AEIS examination, such as finding keywords, how to handle unknown vocabulary and more. Janelle is a young girl with a curious mind, which allows her to be a fast-learner. However, her success would not have been possible without her parents’ supervision and guidance in her homework. 

Congratulations to Janelle again for successfully enrolling in FUHUA PRIMARY SCHOOL in January 2022!

Thiha (14 y/o), from Myanmar
Yuning (16 y/o), from China

Congrats to our students whom passed AEIS and received their enrolment letters to government school! 

Here are some students comments about our AEIS teacher QiQi

“The results this time does not only consist of my own effort, but even more of the teachers’ teachings. I would like to thank Ms. QiQi for her mother-like cultivation, patience and thoughtfulness for me. I have watched myself grown from not being able to understand anything at all, to being mostly answering everything correctly.” 

“The AEIS examination was easier than many of our internal mock-examination papers.” 

“Always remember what we were taught — to read the composition question first. I did accordingly and found myself looking at a similar type of question as the previous practice papers, that’s when I knew I could perform as usual.”

“First is to finalise your plot, and make your first draft. This is the key to a good composition. Those vocabularies have already been taught before. Even if it’s a new one I wouldn’t be afraid since I can make use of the elimination method.”

 “Comprehension answers are easily found in the passage. When you’re finished with all the questions, make sure to re-read the passage again to ensure you didn’t miss anything before going back to check the earlier questions.” 

“All the more you shouldn’t worry about Mathematics. The practice questions in Spring College International are way harder than AEIS papers. It’s recommended to read the questions behind first before attempting the paper.” 

“Really love my time here in Spring College International, very fulfilling and meaningful!” 

“This big family is formed because of Ms. QiQi’s mother-like care for us, full of positivity and love. Every step in our way reflects Ms. QiQi’s blood, sweat and tears. If you want speedy improvement, choose Spring College International.”

Xiangjun (10 y/o), from China

What if we told you that a student who barely understood English successfully passed her AEIS examination after 6 months’ of preparation only? 

Here we have Xiangjun’s inspiring preparation journey for her AEIS examination!

Xiangjun came to Singapore in March 2021 to prepare herself for the exam taking place in September 2021. When the results came out at the end of the year, both daughter and mother were in tears of joy to know that Xiangjun has successfully enrolled in ST. MARGARET’S PRIMARY SCHOOL. 

How did Xiangjun manage to pick up English within 6 months and passed the AEIS examination? 

When she first joined Spring College International, she enrolled into Primary 4-5 classes, corresponding to her age. However, due to poor fundamentals in English, she was not able to understand anything that was taught in class, let alone finish homework. This led to the young child losing confidence in herself. After communicating such concerns with the parent, it is decided to transfer Xiang Jun to Primary 2-3 classes instead to work on her foundation. 

Both the teachers and the mother could see Xiangjun visibly improving in English, and was also happier learning in Primary 2-3 classes. Ms. Feng expressed that Xiangjun was not able to pronounce English words properly when she first joined Spring College International. Yet, through correcting her pronunciation and learning of different vocabularies each day, it has greatly pushed her to increase her word bank. 

Parent-teacher communication has also played a huge part to contribute to Xiangjun’s success. Xiangjun’s mother worked closely with Spring College International and heeded suggestions given by teachers to monitor her child’s homework and learning progress. Moreover, her mother even bought extra practice workbooks for Xiangjun to further aid her in her studies. Despite the efforts, it was still not enough to prepare Xiang Jun for her AEIS examination for Primary 4-5 considering she is still attending Primary 2-3 classes. 

Seeing that Xiangjun is doing well and happy in Primary 2-3 classes, her parent did not bear to transfer her back into Primary 4-5 classes. Since Primary 4-5 examinations included composition writing, Ms. Feng decided to tutor her one-to-one. Ms. Feng was not able to teach her fanciful phrases due to the lack of time, but ensured that her sentence structure was proper. Other aspects such as the accurate expression of meaning and good use of words were also taught to Xiang Jun. In terms of Mathematics, the only problem the young child had was understanding the mathematical terms. 

Given a table of Chinese translation of the English Mathematical terms to familiarise with, Xiangjun no longer had an issue with understanding Math questions. In addition to more workbook questions for Xiangjun from her mother, it allowed Xiangjun to speed up her learning and fine-tune her skills. 

“No matter how weak the foundation, with the will to learn and no-shortcuts taken, it is possible to pass the AEIS examination with flying colours!” says Ms. Feng. Slowly but steadily, Xiang Jun eventually passed her AEIS examinations and enrolled into a government school!

Qiuhao (9 y/o), from China

A success is a contribution by the student, the family and a good learning environment.

We have Qiuhao and his mother with us today to share with us both of their experiences through their AEIS preparation journey with Spring College International. 

QiuHao’s mother has revealed that the main purpose of bringing QiuHao to Singapore is for Singapore’s standard of education and its appropriate environment for Chinese children. 

Like most mothers, QiuHao’s mother were anxious about her child’s learning progress and searched high and low for a suitable preparatory school. Now with Spring College International and the guidance of fellow teachers, there was a steady improvement to QiuHao’s learning, pushing him to reach greater heights which eventually led to his goal! 

“I’m more than willing to share our experience with families who are in the same circumstances as we are. I hope this will be an inspiration for them and encourage them to never give up, no matter how tough the path may be, because you will see the rainbow after the rain!” is what QiuHao’s mother has to say.

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Established in 2001, Spring College International (SCI) is a Private Educational Institution based in Singapore. 

Within the 20 years, we have grew tremendously and expanded from a small language tuition centre to one of the top private schools with two campuses, offering a wide array of more than 35 educational courses. 

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